Of Marketing & Machines: Understanding AI and How It Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Results

Finding yourself inundated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) ads promising your business better results and falling short of your expectations?

Do not worry; our clients have experienced similar issues while working with other AI platforms. You are not alone!

The proliferation of AI Autonomous Optimization platforms to improve a company’s digital marketing campaign is truly a sight to behold. With numerous platforms, such as Adzooma, Revealbot, Madgicx, and Persado, available to enhance your digital advertisements, it is safe to say that businesses are spoiled for choice. 

But therein lies the first challenge that a brand owner like you will have to overcome to guarantee that your marketing campaign gets off to the best start possible: selecting an AI ad optimization platform that is right for you. 

Choosing the right AI platform for your business

Based on our past results with our clients, we have marked an average increase of 38% in their company’s overall performance. This factor, along with others, such as managing their ads budget, reducing the cost and time spent on marketing, and increasing ROI, have made AI Autonomous Optimization platforms appealing to marketers and advertisers. 

Below are the various ways AI is used in digital marketing: 

    • Automation
      As one of the most sought-after applications of AI in marketing, automation enables marketers to automate menial tasks when running their campaigns, thus, freeing up their time for other more important responsibilities.
    • Optimization Platforms
      The high level of competition on Facebook makes ad optimization essential for a successful digital marketing campaign.
    • Content Personalization This feature can be a boon for marketers when appropriately executed, as it will cut through the noise and provide your business with the attention it needs from its target audience.</span.

As mentioned previously, there are a variety of AI Autonomous Optimization platforms that can enhance your business’ automated digital marketing journey. 

While simply choosing one from the ever-expanding list of AI platforms may seem harmless, the reality is that most AI platforms tend to oversell on their promises and under-deliver on their results. Furthermore, our research has shown that some of these platforms only adopt AI as a buzzword to sell their solutions to you. This may not appear disconcerting at first, choosing the wrong platform can fuel further problems for you as a marketer and advertiser when you inevitably are not getting the results you have paid for, leading to disappointment and, frankly, becoming a waste of your time and money.

Here is where we believe we can help you. 

Why partner with us? is an Autonomous Targeting and Optimization solution. Our mission is to transform the Performance Marketing Industry by helping businesses avoid auction saturation to achieve better and more cost-effective ad performance on Meta: making your digital ads generate sales, not just clicks. By utilizing our unique AI solutions, our focus on providing your business with higher conversion rates will prove our commitment towards transforming your future marketing campaigns for the better! 

Not convinced? Here is how we are different from other AI platforms: 

    • Content/Audience Analysis
      Our algorithm will tirelessly work towards analyzing millions of data points through the employment of Computer Vision & Natural Language Processing, allowing your company to gain a deeper understanding of your target audience. 
    • Enhanced Audience Discovery
      Through our proprietary Omni-Sourced User Profiling technology, our AI is proven to be able to help you scale in audience discovery by locating high-value audiences that convert to business results.
    • Avoid High-Priced Auctions
      Through the implementation of Long-Tail Interest targeting, our platform will help you target your audience more effectively, generating greater leads and conversions, bypassing the obsolete approach of targeting through generic or popular interests and ensuring your business avoids high-priced auctions resulting in better digital performance.
    • AI-Powered Insights
      Take your marketing campaign to greater heights by diving deep into your audience’s psychological and behavioral traits, analyzing your past creatives to gain better insights on what works for your audience, as well as providing you with an in-depth comprehension of your competitor’s strategy and the ways that you can outperform them.

Success stories

  1. Finding a better way to drive mobile and SIM card purchases for M1, a Singaporean telecommunications company.
    By the end of the marketing campaign, we reduced the purchase cost for SIM cards by 18% and the cost per mobile plan order by 24%, in addition to saving the business 803 hours of labor time.

    Download case study: Link

  2. Increasing app downloads for McDonald’s Thailand during one of the country’s busiest festive seasons; the Songkran Festival.
    By the end of the marketing campaign, our patented AI was able to provide a 438% increase in traffic with an 85% lower cost per mille (CPM), delivering a campaign that yielded 5x better click-through rates (CTR) and return of ad spend (RoAS) by 6x.>

    Download case study: Link

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