AI-driven Personal Career Adviser

Objective is working with a major career exploration platform, who provide career exploration and tutoring portals to job seekers in 13 countries in the World. The company’s principal objective was to increase engagement with their new-released product for end customers - an individual career advice and planning portal. were asked to power the individual career planning bot that serves as a motivational tool for job seekers to subscribe for the individual career planning platform trial.

Solution AI technology enabled the career planning bot "CAI" to predict personality traits and job options for client's web portal visitors: after logging into the career planning portal via one of their social accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter), the job seekers were provided with an instant career recommendation based on psycho-emotional traits predicted by AI. The job seekers were invited to complete a personality test and subscribe for the trial version of the platform thereafter.


The project team was able to compare the overall engagement of the users who were exposed to a “career prediction teaser” (Group 1) with the engagement of the users who were routed directly to the platform evaluation subscription page (Group 2). The Group 1 users significantly outperformed the Group 2 users in terms of the number of trial subscription sign-ups.

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