Wavemaker & Citibank were looking to prove that innovation does not have to take a long time and cost an exorbitant amount but instead can be a plug and play business solution that builds growth in the long term and generate results immediately.


SoMin.ai’s proprietary Omni-Sourced User Profiling were able to go beyond the standard social demographic targeting and identified different target groups such as - Indian Movies, Novels, CR7 Underwear, Sunglasses, Bearded Men, and Ornithologist and targeted them through Long-tail Interest Targeting and automated the entire process through SoMin.ai’s Ad Management Automation solution.


Through SoMin.ai’s platform, Wavemaker & Citibank avoided bidding wars on Facebook & Instagram and were able to generate +100% leads with an increase of +53% Conversion Rate at only halve the cost with -43% Cost per Lead. The results were tracked on Google Analytics.