Wavemaker & Huawei were looking to explore how AI can outperform traditional campaign management. To do this they chose a festive holiday and looked at an overall success view that gauged Return of Ad Spend (RoAS), Average Order Value (AOV), Add to Cart conversion.


Wavemaker & Huawei ran a side-by-side campaign in which 50% of the budget was managed through a traditional campaign execution. The other 50% of the budget was managed through SoMin.ai’s platform. SoMin.ai’s proprietary Omni-Sourced User Profiling enabled Wavemaker & Huawei to discover new audience segments based on their behavioral traits and interests. The new audience discoveries were then converted into thousands of actionable metrics through Long-tail Interest Targeting. The strategies deployed were made possible through SoMin.ai’s Ad Management Automation solution.


SoMin.ai’s platform, in comparison to the traditional execution, generated 1.3 higher ROAS, 2.3x higher AOV, and +24% more Add to Carts.