McDonald's was looking to innovate their digital marketing funnel and determine if A.I. can further push their established marketing efforts and find an edge within this highly saturated market. Success was measured through reach, Cost per Result, Click Through Rate, and also Return on Ad Spends.


SoMin.ai’s proprietary Omni-Sourced Audience Profiling were able to discover new audience segments which were then targeted using Long-tail Interest Targeting integrating with their e-commerce analytics.. SoMin.ai also implemented a creative AI module dynamically optimizing McDonald’s creatives. The campaign was automated using SoMin.ai’s Ad Management Automation solution.


Through the series of AI led innovations that was deployed, SoMin.ai achieved:

  1. 438% increased quality reach in the awareness campaign
  2. 36.5% better Cost per Result through Dynamic Creative Generation
  3. 5x better CTR in App Installs
  4. 6x better ROAS


Download The Full Case Study Here.