Artificial intelligence helped Lenta to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns 2.5 times

Lenta's digital marketing service, with the support of the company's Innovation Center, tested the project on an Instagram advertising platform for a month. The artificial intelligence platform processed data from social networks and determined user preferences.

As a result, the effectiveness of targeted advertising has increased 2.5 times compared to using classic tools for launching advertising campaigns. It was originally planned that this figure will grow by 20%.

Lenta has completed piloting a Singapore startup to set up targeted advertising, the company's press service reports.

“During testing, we paid attention not only to the cost per click, but also to the bounce rate. Quality traffic is important to us. The startup really identified users for whom our advertising was relevant, ”said Boris Evdokimov, head of Lenta's digital marketing department.

Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, the company will be able to halve the costs of launching advertising campaigns on Instagram and increase the number of conversions in stores by 37%.

Earlier it was reported that "Lenta" opened a large distribution center in the Leningrad region. Online sales of Lenta grew 6.5 times in Q3 2020.


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