Back Named Cool Vendor 2020 by Gartner

We are super proud to be one of Gartner's "Cool Vendors" for 2020!!!

Gartner, one of the World's leading business research advisory firms, has named for its prestigious "Cool Vendor" award in the "AI for Marketing" category. Previously, Gartner's Cool Vendor list has listed Zoom, Persado, Datorama, and other leading SaaS platforms worldwide. has been recognized for its introduction of Long-Tail Targeting and AI Ad Optimization technology into Digital Marketing space, allowing Facebook, Google, and TikTok advertisers to run their Digital Ads with minimal human effort and at a previously unachievable scale.


"Being recognized by Gartner is one more significant and important step towards achieving our mission of having Zero Junk Ads on by 2025" said co-founder and CEO Aleks Farseev. "During the past few years, we have helped large brands and agencies in 16 countries across the globe to make their Ads 30%-400% more efficient via AI, and this is only beginning. We are aiming at transforming the Global Universe of Digital Advertising by 2025, and Gartner's recognition is an encouraging milestone we've achieved at the end of 2020!"

Gartner Analyst Jessica Ekholm has elaborated on choosing as "Cool Vendor" for this year: " is a cloud SaaS provider that uses a variety of AI techniques, on top of social media data, such as computer vision, image recognition, text analytics (NLP), advanced data analytics and behavioural science to run and optimize AI-driven marketing campaigns. SoMin's proprietary psychographic analysis engine explains why customers buy (what they do) compared to traditional demographics engines that only explain who the buyer is.

Tother with Puma South East Asia, the Somin team, also created the World's first AI-generated Virtual Influencer. @Mayaaa.gram shows the way ahead in the influencer space.

This is just the beginning. The team will never stop innovating and providing exceptional quality services to our customers. We are looking forward to a great future of more efficient, more targeted advertising that will eventually be free of annoying junk ads!