Discover the top 8 AI digital advertising tools for B2C businesses in 2023

21 April 2023

Explore the transformative potential of these powerful tools that revolutionize marketing campaigns, optimize ad targeting, and skyrocket ROI. If you're seeking the perfect tools to propel your business forward, this article is a must-read. 

Most B2C businesses nowadays use Digital Advertising to grow their business. Sounds easy, but Digital Advertising is actually a very difficult affair for even seasoned marketers. Decreasing conversions, ever-changing algorithms of Meta & Google, privacy concerns and the advertising spends waste are some of the common problems plaguing the industry resulting in marketers looking for ways to innovate their Digital Performance.

The past few years have seen Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools revolutionizing many sectors, and Digital Advertising is definitely no stranger to the benefits these tools bring. Even major household brands like Google, Netflix, and Airbnb are using them to evaluate, run, and improve their digital advertising campaign, while newly released neural networks like ChatGPT, GPT-4, or Stable Diffusion, allow marketers to unleash the power of AI in the area of Creative content ideation and evaluation.

If you’re late to the party, it’s never too late to start leveraging on the benefits these AI tools can bring you and your organization. As a performance marketer, you’d know that data analytics, attribution, and timely optimization are of the most important aspects in Digital Advertising. From information about your audience to your competitors and advertising campaign analytics, these insights help make important business decisions. However, one of the biggest problems is the inability or lack of resources to make sense of a large amount of multi-facet data on time. This is one of the aspects of how AI can help your business by making the process of running digital ads much, much easier and at higher efficiency rates.

But with tens if not hundreds of AI marketing tools cropping up every day, how do you decide which ones are right for you? In this article, we’ll solely focus on AI tools centered around Ad Targeting, Optimization, and Analysis designed to help you achieve better results and ROI in your digital performance.

Here are the top 8 AI-powered AdTech solutions you could start using today (We’ve added a bonus entry too!)

1. Adroll

AdRoll is a Facebook Ad Management software designed for small to medium-sized enterprises combining the use of automation and CRM tools. Apart from having the ability to target very specific audiences at their various journeys on Facebook, you can also get detailed analytics on campaign performance.

Since 2006, AdRoll has been helping over 140,000 brands grow their revenue and saving time by streamlining their display, social, and email advertising all in one platform. The best part? They have a free option making this an attractive option for small businesses to start incorporating AI into their marketing. Paid pricing starts from $36/month

2. is an Autonomous Targeting & Optimization platform and their mission is to transform the Performance Marketing Industry by helping businesses avoid auction saturation to achieve better and more cost-effective ad performance on Meta and Google: making your digital ads generate sales, not just clicks. Their proprietary technology in Omni-Sourced User Profiling & Long-Tail Interest Targeting ensures that your digital ads are shown to non-obvious and likely to convert audiences that are purchased at a lower cost as your competitors do not know about their existence hence not bidding on them making it relatively inexpensive.

Powered by GPT-4, higher-tier subscriptions to also includes popular modules as - Influencer Discovery, Advertising Content Performance Prediction and AI Copywriter/Banner Ideation , making it a more comprehensive solution for businesses with a mature performance stack and team / agency.

SoMin’s prices start from $1,200/month. If you’re an enterprise or business looking to scale your performance advertising, this should be your pick!

3. Madgicx

#3 on our list is Madgicx.

Madgicx is a self-service platform that helps you easily manage your Meta & Google campaigns. With the combined power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) & ML (Machine Learning), the platform can help any marketer save time by creating the campaign, optimizing it, and tracking it.

Some of the other valuable additional features that the platform offers includes analytics, A/B testing, customizable reports. A bonus plus point is that the platform is very user-friendly. Even if you’re new to advertising on Facebook and Instagram, you should find no problem using this platform easily.

With pricing starting from $44/month, Madgicx is a strong option for small businesses and individuals with advertising budgets less than $3,000/month and looking to take their social media marketing to the next level.


Coming in #4 on our list is - your self-learning digital marketing ally. is able to automatically generate marketing campaigns through its self-learning software by analyzing massive amounts of data. Their key feature is that it allows you to feed it your own creative content and target market and then subsequently uses data from its database to determine the key characteristics of serious buyers.

Through this process, they are able to identify potential customers that match those traits, running a small trial campaign before refining it and launching on a larger scale.

There is no denying’s platform capabilities, however, because of the need for a large amount of data for their platform to provide you with the most optimum performance. The tool is more suitable for enterprises or established brands. We were however unable to get pricing info for their platform, you can reach out to the experts on their website for a plan tailored to your needs!

5. Adzooma

And in #5 on our list, we have Adzooma. Say goodbye to complicated and time consuming tasks with Adzooma’s easy-to-use online marketing platform that helps both new and existing advertisers grow their online presence all in one platform.

With an option for a free account, Adzooma is perfect for individuals or small businesses looking to improve their digital marketing with features including monitoring and tracking of your online campaigns, optimization of campaigns, automated rules to help you streamline manual tasks and save time, and campaign performance reports.

If you’re a growing business looking for more advanced tools, you might want to consider their Plus package that starts from $99/month. In this package, you get to manage your listings and reviews on your businesses, landing page analysis, bid adjustments, additional automated rules, advanced SEO insights, and dedicated account management!


For most marketers, A/B tests are staples in their job whether it’s paid social campaigns or even just content and the customer journey on their website. But it’s often a very time consuming task that can take months to achieve results when you’re limited by the number of actions a human can produce.

For the latter, lets you test all the ideas you have at once using it’s advanced algorithm to identify top performing ideas, combining them and analyzing live visitor behavior to ultimately explore thousands of possible variations to deliver the best customer journey experience to your clients.

The ease of setup on the platform allows even beginners to start experimenting on the best journey for their clients. While this platform only does optimization for your landing page, it is often one of the most critical points in your communication journey making it the reason why we listed them here.

However, their pricing starts from a steep $50,000/year which makes this solution potentially only suitable for enterprises.


On #7 in our list is They are an AI-powered ad marketing solution that allows you to design, test, and publish the best performing ads for your target audience; bringing together media buying, creative automation, reporting, and optimization all in one platform allowing you to easily and effectively scale and optimize your paid campaigns.

Integrations with popular networks such as Meta, Snapchat, and Pinterest enables you to manage all your ad campaigns from a single dashboard.

As their main benefit is being able to bring both the creative team and performance team together and work cohesively to great a better campaign output, the platform is only suitable for full-stack marketing teams / brands that have agencies servicing them. It might not be suitable for individuals that are running their own business.

Their pricing/year is a % of your media spend so there’s a sense of familiarity if you’re planning to switch out from your current agency.

8. Revealbot

And finally, #8 on our list is Revealbot. Revealbot is a platform that automates your ad management routine enabling you to scale results, not workload. Through implementation of custom rules, you are able to optimize and scale ad campaigns, find actionable insights, automatically generate reports for your clients, and create new ad variants with a click of a button so you can focus on reaching the results you want, faster.

However, the challenge to the platform is that the automated rules have to be created by you which might make this platform unsuitable for people that have no prior digital performance experience. Their pricing starts from $83/month if your monthly ad spend limit is $10k/month.

And now, it’s time for our bonus entry - Persado. We spoke about 8 tools centered around optimization primarily on digital advertising. But great marketing is not only about your paid performance, but also your communication and that’s exactly what Persado does. Persado leverages on a vast, proprietary marketing communications knowledge base, advanced AI, deep learning models, and a decision engine to deliver precise and personalized language that motivates individuals to act. Their pricing is quotation based so it depends on your needs and wants.

Well that sums up our list of AI tools that we feel every marketer in 2023 should be using! With new tools cropping up every day, we understand choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. Whether you are an individual running a small business suited for solutions like AdRoll, Madgicx, and Adzooma or big enterprises with budget managing multiple websites and campaigns suited to use &, we hope this list will be able to help you make the right decision.

To make it easier for you, we’ve outlined and ranked in 1-3 stars all the solutions we spoke about above in a table for your easy reference.

Update (24.04.2023): 
SoMin has launched a new self-service tool called in Spring 2023. The tool assists marketers in evaluating and tracking their competitor Ads and generating digital advertising content via GPT-4. The cost of the tool is $100 per month, and it is 100% self-service. Marketers can sign up for a free 14-day trial by registering on the website here.


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