Understanding economic and health factors impacting the spread of COVID-19 disease

Authors: Aleksandr Farseev, Yu-Yi Chu-Farseeva, Qi Yang, Daron Benjamin Loo


The rapid spread of the Coronavirus 2019 disease (COVID-19) had drastically impacted life all over the world. While some economies are actively recovering from this pestilence, others are experiencing fast and consistent disease spread, compelling governments to impose social distancing measures that have put a halt on routines, especially in densely populated areas.


Aiming at bringing more light on key economic and population health factors affecting the disease spread, this initial study utilizes a quantitative statistical analysis based on the most recent publicly available COVID-19 datasets.


We have applied Pearson Correlation Analysis and Clustering Analysis (X-Means Clustering) techniques on the data obtained by combining multiple datasets related to country economics, medical system & health, and COVID-19 - related statistics. The resulting dataset consisted of COVID-19 Case and Mortality Rates, Economic Statistics, and Population Public Health Statistics for 165 countries reported between 22 January 2020 and 28 March 2020. The correlation analysis was conducted with the significance level α of 0.05. The clustering analysis was guided by the value of Bayesian Information Criterion (BIC) with the bin value b = 1.0 and the cutoff factor c = 0.5, and have provided a stable split into four country-level clusters.

Publication Date: 2020/1/1