A. Farseev, K. Lepikhin, H. Schwartz, E. K. Ang, K. Powar. Social Multimedia Influencer Discovery MarketplaceACM Multimedia Conference 2018, Oct. 22 - 26, 2018.

In this technical demonstration, we showcase the first ai-driven social multimedia influencer discovery marketplace, called SoMin [4]. The platform combines advanced data analytics and behavioral science to help marketers find, understand their audience and engage the most relevant social media micro-influencers at a large scale. SoMin harvests brand-specific life social multimedia streams in a specified market domain, followed by rich analytics and semantic-based influencer search. The Individual User Profiling models extrapolate the key personal characteristics of the brand audience, while the influencer retrieval engine reveals the semantically-matching social media influencers to the platform users. The influencers are matched in terms of both their-posted content and social media audiences, while the evaluation results demonstrate an excellent performance of the proposed recommender framework. By leveraging influencers at a large scale, marketers will be able to execute more effective marketing campaigns of higher trust and at a lower cost.