A. Farseev, N. Liqiang, M. Akbari, and T.-S. Chua. Harvesting multiple sources for user profile learning: a Big data study. ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR). China. June 23-26, 2015.

User profile learning, such as mobility and demographic profile learning, is of great importance to various applications. Meanwhile, the rapid growth of multiple social platforms makes it possible to perform a comprehensive user profile learning from different views. However, the research efforts on user profile learning from multiple data sources are still relatively sparse, and there is no large-scale dataset released towards user profile learning. In our study, we contribute such benchmark and perform an initial study on user mobility and demographic profile learning. First, we constructed and released a large-scale multi-source multimodal dataset from three geographical areas. We then applied our proposed ensemble model on this dataset to learn user profile. Based on our experimental results, we observed that multiple data sources mutually complement each other and their appropriate fusion boosts the user profiling performance.