Back Personality-Driven Content Generation Platform

Authors: A. Farseev, Qi Yang, Andrey Filchenkov, Kirill Lepikhin, Yu-Yi Chu-Farseeva, Daron-Benjamin Loo

In this technical demonstration, we showcase the World's first personality-driven marketing content generation platform, called SoMin. ai. The platform combines deep multi-view personality profiling framework and style generative adversarial networks facilitating the automatic creation of content that appeals to different human personality types. The platform can be used for enhancement of the social networking user experience as well as for content marketing routines. Guided by the MBTI personality type, automatically derived from a user social network content, SoMin. ai generates new social media content based on the preferences of other users with a similar personality type aiming at enhancing the user experience on social networking venues as well diversifying the efforts of marketers when crafting new content for digital marketing campaigns.

Written for: Proceedings of the 14th ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining, March 2021

Publication Date: 2020/11/30