Our team

SoMin is a distributed multinational team of more than 10 professionals in various fields from architecture and design, IT, finance and investments to product development, marketing, sales, and HR. We are also proud of our information technology department, represented by talented Software Developers and Data Scientists from Eastern Europe and Asia.
Aleks Farseev Co-Founder & CEO, Ph.D.
Kirill Lepikhin Co-Founder & CTO, M.Sc.
Hendrik Schwartz Co-Founder & Sales Director
Everest Ng Customer Success Lead, B.BA.
Marlo Ongpin Integration & Communications Director
Alexey Rasskazov Senior Front-end Engineer, M.Sc.
Yang Qi Data Scientist, Ph.D. Candidate
Mikhail Krasiukov Back-end Engineer, B.En.
Gregory Zadyanchuk Back-end Engineer, B.BA
Aashuta Goradia Marketing Executive, M.A. Economics
Artem Larionov Senior Product UI/UX Designer, M.Sc.
Bernadette Ong Marketing Executive
Redha Abdul-Wahid AI & Influencer Marketing, Research Assistant
Lana Dowling General Legal Counsel, BA Law, LPC (London)
Asif Khan Marketing Executive, B.Tech. Biotechnology
Satyam Banodhiya Marketing Executive, B.Sc (Physics, Maths)

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