The Future of
Ad Optimization is Here

A unique SaaS solution designed to supercharge and automate your digital ad performance
through the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Optimizes on:

A Solution Never Seen
Before in the Industry

Through machine learning, our platform connects the dots between you and your
audience so that it can drive your business objectives to be more efficient.

Landscape Mapping
Maps your brand’s, competitors’ and audiences’ data universe to get a holistic view of your digital footprint.
Content Analysis
Gathers millions of data points through Computer Vision and NLP to find you the most relevant audiences.
Audience Clustering
Using your business objectives as a guide, it builds hundreds of audience segments using their behavioural traits and interests.
Automated Deployment
Rapidly creates, optimizes and A/B tests campaigns to find you the best creative and targeted optimizations.
Increased Performance
The powerful combination of ads optimization, interest targeting and content recommendation have proven to improve digital campaigns by 30% or more.

Key capabilities

Deploy Strategies That were not Humanly Possible

From rapid testing to long tail targeting thousands of interests, enables you to do the impossible with ad optimization.

Find hidden
Audiences that Works for You

With the power of Computer Vision, find invisible audiences that give you business results.

Target Customers Better than Ever Before

Take advantage of today’s AI driven digital platforms with an AI who’s designed to understand, interpret and win them.

Automated Intelligence Built for Your Objectives

Our AI’s primary concern are your objectives and the beauty of AI is that it works non-stop to achieve them.

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Proven to Work in Multiple Industries

Generating high quality traffic for hypermarkets

4 weeks campaign

Looking to achieve lower cost per clicks and still maintain quality traffic, Lenta, one of Russia’s largest hyper market chains looked to us for a solution. While increasing their traffic we were able to maintain their session lengths and bounce rates. This was then tracked to 37% more offline conversions and 60% higher purchase value.

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Cost Per Click
Offline Conversions

Finding new audiences in saturated QSR markets

4 weeks campaign

McThai was looking to find an edge within a highly competitive period in Thailand. As a solution, Somin searched for new audiences in the saturated market and generated content modifications based of that knowledge. When the platform ran the ads it generated 438% more customers by decreasing the CPM by 85%

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More Customers
Better CPM

Predicting Banking needs for Increased Conversions

4 weeks extended to 12

Citibank Russia was looking to increase their conversions for credit card purchases and personal loans. Lead generation campaigns have always been costly and hard to optimize but Somin was able to find audiences and predict economic needs that lowered cost per click by 72% and cost per lead by 31% ultimately increasing sales by 40%.

Lower Cost
Per Lead
Increase in Sales

Driving App Installs for Delivery

4 campaigns

McThai was looking to increase it’s app installs for its delivery service in a landscape that was dominated by multiple food delivery services. Somin created audiences that were looking susceptible to app installs and managed to lower cost per click by 76% and cost per app install by 70%.

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Cost Per Click
Cost Per App Install

Driving RoAS for MotherCare

4 weeks campaign

During the COVID season many brands looked to e-commerce to maintain their margins but many found it difficult to get a return on their spends. Mothercare looking to solve this problem asked Somin for a solution and the platform was able to increase their marketing returns by more than 100%. Their RoAS increase by 83% and their CPC was lowered by 35%.

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Lower CPC
Increase in RoAS
Changing How People See
Ad Optimization Today

SoMin helped improve our digital marketing returns by over 100%. I would absolutely recommend SoMin to anyone who’s looking to improve their PPC campaigns.

Pang Fu Wei
Managing Director of Mothercare Singapore

There are many solutions that can drive traffic but usually this is at the cost of quality. SoMin proved that we can acquire both.

Boris Evdokimov
Head of Digital Marketing at Lenta

SoMin is a real performance marketing solution that gave us tremendous growth in performance and sales. We’re definitely using them for our other clients.

Boris Karpenko
Senior Manager at Wavemaker Russia

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