Want 38% Better Ad Performance?

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Leverage the power of AI to deliver better results and maximize your KPIs with an average uplift of 30%.

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Awarded Gartner Cool Vendor 2020 for AI Marketing Solutions

Improving ad performance of over 100 brands across the world.

Intelligence built to get you results at better costs.

Learns from your existing audience

Any successful campaign begins with a deep understanding of your audience. SoMin is designed to understand your audience down to the psychographic level by analyzing millions of data points.

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Omni-sourced User Profiling PhD

Finds better ways of targeting

Selecting the right targeting is crucial to both your results and costs. SoMin is able to reach your potential customers in ways that defy human imagination.

Avoids high priced auctions

The leading cause for budget wastage is forced bidding on high price auctions. Through 24/7 automations and smart targeting, SoMin helps you avoid over-paying for your ads.

Learn how we do this:

What is Long-tail Interest Targeting

Makes campaign management easy

Successful campaigns demands a lot of attention. SoMin's automations reduces the tediousness of campaign management so you can get the results you need even when you're sleeping.

If it doesn't work you don't pay

We're so confident in our solution that if we don't hit your average price you don't have to pay for our services.

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