What to Expect From Facebook's Response to iOS 14

18 January 2021

When Apple rolled out iOS 14, it came with the possible implementation of new privacy features. A simplified explanation of how it works - if you’re an iOS user, when an app is aiming to use your data you will be prompted a choice wether to allow it or not.

Now, the other big tech companies are not happy about this. Their grief stems from the fact that many of the technologies of today rely on the data sources that Apple users may deny.  Facebook specifically, has been very vocal on how they oppose this change - claiming it damages small businesses.

While Facebook being the champion of small businesses is debatable, they are not wrong when they say that it changes things. Facebook, being a company that monetizes Apple’s customers, needs to adapt and change how they do things. This in turn, will affect many businesses as they rely on Facebook advertisements to drive their bottom lines.

With these coming changes, what's important for advertisers is to know and understand what to expect in the next coming months.

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SoMin.ai Named Cool Vendor 2020 by Gartner

18 December 2020

We are super proud to be one of Gartner's "Cool Vendors" for 2020!!!

Gartner, one of the World's leading business research advisory firms, has named SoMin.ai for its prestigious "Cool Vendor" award in the "AI for Marketing" category. Previously, Gartner's Cool Vendor list has listed Zoom, Persado, Datorama, and other leading SaaS platforms worldwide. SoMin.ai has been recognized for its introduction of Long-Tail Targeting and AI Ad Optimization technology into Digital Marketing space, allowing Facebook, Google, and TikTok advertisers to run their Digital Ads with minimal human effort and at a previously unachievable scale.

The Art of Long-Tail Targeting, or Can a Pigeon destroy the Empire?

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For example, I’m known to be a Marketing and AI Expert. However, a small private circle also knows me as an accordionist. From my activity on Social Media, Facebook will know that I’m interested in both Marketing and Accordion, but only a small portion of advertisers would bid for “Accordion” to reach me. Most advertisers will rely on their common sense to bid for “Marketing and Technology”, making their Ads much more expensive as if they choose to bid for the “Accordion”.

In case if it is much cheaper to reach me via “Accordion” interest, why would you pay for reaching me through the “Marketing and Technology” interest which is so much more expensive?

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