Driving Offline Conversions in Retail

Objective worked with one of Russia’s Largest Hypermarket Chains. The client was looking to achieve Lower Cost Per Click on Instagram while retaining Bounce Rate and Session Length Indicators.


The budget of the test campaign was split 50% / 50% between the Instagram campaigns set by the client (Traditional) and by Platform. Both campaigns have started delivery on 28th of April 2020 and finished delivery on 25th May 2020. The Cost Per Click (CPC) was measured through Facebook Ads Manager. Bounce Rate and Session Duration were measured through Google Analytics. Offline Conversions and Average Offline Purchase Value were measured by matching members from the Hypermarket's Loyalty Program.


Based on the Campaign Results, was able to discover better targeting and executed the campaign with 50% lower Cost Per Click with no significant change in Bounce Rate and Average Website Session Length. Additionally, it was measured that the campaign drove 37% More Offline Conversions with a 60% Higher Purchase Value.