Papa John’s wanted to test the effectiveness of AI versus traditional campaign management. To do this, they ran a side-by-side campaign with the same creatives and looked at success by gauging conversions and cost per conversion.


50% of the budget was managed through a traditional campaign execution. The other 50% of the budget was managed through SoMin.ai’s platform. By using SoMin.ai’s proprietary Omni-Sourced User Profiling, Papa John’s were able to discover previously hidden audience segments based on their behavioral traits and interests which was then targeted using Long-tail Interest Targeting. The entire campaign was automated through SoMin.ai’s Ad Management Automation solution.


In comparison to the traditional campaign execution, the campaign executed on SoMin.ai’s platform generated 33% more conversions with an average 31% lower cost per conversion and 24% higher generated revenue. The performance increase allowed Papa John’s to receive more orders with the same amount spent.