AI Driven FnB Digital Campaign


In partnership with OMD, a FnB business wanted to test if A.I. led efforts in their digital marketing were able to drive their business and measured success through metrics like Reach, Clicks, Engagement, and Cost.


The campaign was ran side by side with the same creatives where half of the budget was utilized by their agency and another half was utilized by By using’s proprietary Omni-Sourced User Profiling, Openbank were able to discover more efficient audience segments which were then targeted using Long-tail Interest Targeting. The entire campaign was automated through’s Ad Management Automation solution.


The campaign resulted in several significant key results showing the performance increase with the AI led campaign as per below:

  1. 22% lower Cost per Reach than the Traditional Campaign
  2. 7% more Reach than the Traditional Campaign
  3. 62% more Impressions than the Traditional Campaign
  4. 30% more Clicks than the Traditional Campaign
  5. 25% more Post Engagements than the Traditional Campaign
  6. Spent 16% less than the Traditional Campaign

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