Generating Banking Leads via AI

Objective worked with one of World’s Largest Banks represented in Malaysia and Indonesia. The client was looking to achieve Lower Cost Per Lead Form Submission for their Micro-Investment Product "eWallet".


The test campaign budget was split 50% / 50% between the Facebook/Instagram/Google campaigns set by the client (Traditional) and the Platform campaigns. The campaigns were scheduled to deliver over 2 weeks. The Lead Form Submissions were tracked through Facebook Ads Manager integrated with client's Website. The lead quality was further assessed by the internal CRM check. Google Campaign results were Tracked by Google Analytics.


On Facebook, AI campaign has achieved a 31% Reduction of Cost Per Lead Form Submission with no reduction of lead quality, showing that can find audiences that are more likely to invest with client's micro-investment plan. On Google, has reduced Cost Per Click by 72% and increased website traffic 2.2 times, showing that AI is able to find more cost-effective and relevant audiences on Google.